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Water-soluble paint products

Always attentive to environmental issues.
Our protocols follow a production process in line with current regulations.

Paints for industry - Colorificio Galfa

Anti-Corrosion Paints Sector

We are certified according to EN ISO 12944-6 STANDARDS for Class C5M which guarantees high durability in aggressive marine environment and acid environments. We manufacture:

  • Epoxy galvanizers,
  • One- and two-component epoxy primers,
  • Special acrylic primers for light alloys and hot dip galvanizing
  • Special acrylic primers for light alloys and cold galvanizing and electro-galvanizing,
  • Traditional zinc phosphate substrates,
  • Micaceous iron primer, etc.

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Engineering Sector

Colorificio Galfa, which has always been sensitive to ecological issues, has also developed H.S. (high solid) products with very low percentages of solvents.

GALFA Colorificio GALFA 's products were covered in the "National conference products, technology and legislation for reducing the environmental impact of metal surface coating processes" held in Mirandola di Modena on March 23-24, 1994 where it was pointed out that the water-soluble coatings produced by the GALFA Colorificio have a very low cosolvent percentage: max 1-1.2 and are stable in water.

Solvent Paints

  • One- and two-component anticorrosive primers.
  • Fast-drying enamels.
  • Single- and two-component epoxy enamels.
  • Epoxyvinyl enamels.
  • Two-component and one-component polyurethane and acrylic enamels.
  • High-temperature silicone enamels.

Water-soluble paints

  • Low- and medium-temperature baked enamels.
  • Air-drying and oven-drying single-component primers and finishes for immersion and spray application (airless and electrostatic).
  • Two-component anti-corrosive Zn-phosphate epoxy primers already attested by recognized testing laboratories.
  • Fast-drying two-component glossy, semi-matt, matte epoxy finishes with high resistance in chemical and industrial environments.
  • High-performance water-soluble, glossy, semi-gloss and matte two-component polyurethane primers and enamels.
  • Two-component water-soluble glossy semi-matt acrylic primers and enamels.

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Painted products for industry - Colorificio Galfa

Powder coating products industry

Colorificio GALFA has for years produced a paint-primer to be applied under powder coating when to achieve greater corrosion resistance for machinery that operates outside of buildings and is therefore subject to increased weathering.

Paint-primer is applied before powder coating, which can be overpainted with powder products after about 10 minutes, without the need for baking.

Afterwards, the artifacts undergo baking in an oven as is normally done for powder coating.

The result obtained was analyzed by several Certifying Bodies, which certified its high resistance to both corrosion and salt spray.

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In addition to the above, we have designed and developed new product lines in relation to the detectable needs of this market and based on the reports and requests of our valued clientele.
Hence two additional areas, namely:

Auto Parts Sector

  • Anticorrosive primers and silicone enamels for medium and high temperatures (400-600° C.)

Food Industry Sector

  • Solvent-free epoxy enamels with very low water release, documented and technically recognized in the European field.

Rely on our experience

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