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For fifty years in the field of quality coatings for corporate



For fifty years, we have been producing quality paints for companies

Colorificio GALFA was established in 1972 on a 10,000-square-meter plant area as a paint manufacturing company for industry.

photo access headquarters Colorificio Galfa

The Galfa Dye Works

With an innate passion for color, Guido Galeotti founded the company that entered the paint production market, resting on principles of ethics and high product quality. Over time, based on the growing needs of the market and in relation to the needs of companies that were already customers, the production of paints became specialized and differentiated.

Today their children Renato and Maria continue their work. The same places that then saw them as apprentices, today continue to welcome them engaged in the full scope of their work, where, with commitment and dedication they carefully follow their customers and continue to create, produce and distribute GALFA Colorificio paints on the market.

A history of Italian excellence that has been pursuing innovation and technology for fifty years, without ever overshadowing that professionalism that has always distinguished them.

Among the strengths of the GALFA Company, we highlight the constant activity of its research department, which keeps up-to-date with new technologies and techniques, producing products that always comply with domestic and foreign specifications while keeping listening to the needs and demands of Customers.

Similarly, the laboratory of the GALFA Colorificio, in addition to the development of new products, is also of reference, ready to offer its advice on how to use and apply paints on its customers' specific equipment and facilities.

Another strength of Colorificio GALFA is in thequality control both in production and on the final product, a control that is carried out by means of dedicated equipment, which, thanks to its database, guarantees, regardless of the year of production of the product, the reproducibility of every hue and product coded and put on the market.

Concern for the environment

Products are designed and put into production using only raw materials with low environmental impact; hazardous substances that may have negative impact on humans and the environment are totally avoided.

Since the early years of paint production, Colorificio GALFA, has always been sensitive to environmental protection, paying special attention to the subject and employing specialized personnel in the constant research and study of water-soluble paint products that have a reduced impact toward the environment.

Thanks to the professionalism of its research laboratory, a specific product line of water-based paints for the industrial engineering sector has been outlined.

Also with a view to safeguarding the environment, in addition to careful action in line with existing regulations, GALFA Dye Works is committed to and complies with self-imposed rules such as:

  • Constant control of raw materials and use, in processing, of raw materials with low environmental impact.
  • Realizations of suitable technical solutions for the reduction of chemical waste.
  • Empower co-workers and employees to respect the environment.
Colorificio Galfa Warehouse

Year 1994

In line with the company's principles, Il Colorificio Galfa has developed H.S. (high solid) products with very low percentages of solvents.

Within the "National conference products, technology and legislation for reducing the environmental impact of metal surface coating processes" held in Mirandola di Modena on March 23-24, 1994, it was pointed out that the water-soluble paints produced by the GALFA Colorificio have a very low percentage of cosolvents: max 1-1.2 and are stable in water.

Year 2022

The GALFA Paint Factory, in its ongoing commitment to the production of products with low ecological impact, through its laboratory staff constantly researching new paint products environmentally friendly and for the protection of the operator, has developed, based on new studies on water-soluble paints, a water-soluble paint drying at low temperatures (40/50°C or through air drying with times that vary depending on the substrate).

The product, formulated with innovative resins, was created after long periods of testing and trials, and, combines innovation and research with attention to the sustainability of Energy Saving. The product is completely solvent-free and is designed to safeguard operators' health as much as possible. It can be used in the metalworking industry, can be glossy, satin or matte, and can be applied to various metal substrates with standard application equipment.


Colorificio GALFA among the many awards collected over time, counts of the certifications below:

  • certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
    Research development and manufacture of paint products for the engineering and general industrial industries ( IAF12)
  • certification ISO 12944-6 CORROSION PROTECTION C5M
    Paint and varnishes- Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint system

Also thanks to this, some of our most important Clients manufacturers of drinking water transfer equipment and accessories (pumps, valves, piping, etc.), using our specific range of paint products, have obtainedACS approval from the French Ministry of Health andWRAS approval from the English Ministry of Health.

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