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For fifty years
alongside and at the service of Italian and foreign companies


Company specializing in the production
of paints and coating products

For 50 years, Colorificio GALFA, specializing in the production of paints for industry, committed to the constant search for new paint products with low environmental impact and for the protection of the operator, has developed, for the engineering sector, on the basis of new studies on Water-soluble paints, a water-soluble paint drying at low temperatures (40/50°C or by air drying with times that vary depending on the substrate).
The product, formulated with innovative resins, was created after a long period of testing and trials, combines innovation and research with attention to the sustainability of Energy Saving. The product is completely solvent-free and is designed to safeguard operators' health as much as possible. It can be used, as mentioned above, by companies in the metal-mechanical sector, can be supplied glossy, satin or matte, and can be applied to various metal substrates with normal application equipment.

Our values


Colorificio GALFA is constantly listening to the market with its own research and development laboratory, which, in line with the latest technology and nanotechnology, is able to design and manufacture cutting-edge paint products that are a guarantee of Italian excellence.


A value-added feature of GALFA Colorificio lies in the ability to customize products in relation to customers' facilities; this is due to the high level of experience gained through years of continuous market research using quality and proven stable raw materials.


Colorificio GALFA sensitive to the formulation of environmentally friendly paint products, does not use pigments and additives that are harmful to the environment. It produces solvent-based, high solid low VOC and water-based solvent-free or low VOC products.


  • Agricultural machinery sector
  • Pump sector in general
  • Pumps in contact with drinking water
  • Sector for the Food Industry
  • Sector for the engineering industry in general


Colorificio GALFA a company specializing in the production of paints for the industrial sector, designs paint products meeting national and international specifications and works closely with its Customers by offering specific advice on customized production.


Colorificio GALFA, sensitive to the protection of the environment, pays special attention and employs resources toward the study of water-soluble paint products and thanks to the professionalism of its research laboratory; it produces water-based paints for the industrial metal-mechanical sector.

Production of paints and coating products for industry

Colorificio Galfa is a firsthand manufacturer of various types of paints and coating products for companies, designed to meet the most diverse needs of the industry market. It offers in addition to sales and personalized advice, an accurate pre- and after-sales service, and is present in the national, European and international territory.

If your company is looking for specific types of paints, enamels, single or two-component primers , by contacting us, without any commitment on your part, you will be able to learn about our products and solutions dedicated to different industrial sub-areas. Choosing GALFA Color Factory as your supplier partner is synonymous with guaranteed results and safety. We will also be at your disposal to advise you and provide precise guidance on the application and use of our products.